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We have one child and so at the earlier part of last year I began to look more closely at our relationship and marriage in general. A few years ago I moved to London with my girlfriend Jane, our first time to live away from home. One night him and his friends decided to meet up with her at a local bar. Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. Long story shorter, I yell at her, dude continues to be oblivious, she gives me my class ring back I know, right? He at least made her give my stuff back, but I wanted that bitch to go to jail lol. That's either some terrible timing or she was hardly doing anything else.

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She married him just for money, but now she regrets her decision because she really lacks a dick in her pussy.

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She had been seeing this guy for about a year when she got pregnant. He has now moved in with a new girlfriend, and last time I saw him he was a mess. I went from washing sweaty running shorts and arguing over packed lunches, to making love to a 40 year old doctor on the top floor of the Hilton, resting my head on his shoulder during a West End musical and holding hands in the rain as we laughed our way into a hotel foyer. The only factor that I didn't allow for is that I have developed feelings for him. And I kept the dog: Truthfully it wasn't a great relationship and it would have ended in the near future even if all of that didn't happen.

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  1. At least Lex isn't wearing pants that are 4 sizes too big and sagging with ass crack showing like a fag.