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No getting uppity except to start, which I apologize forno trading of insults, no rash judgments, and most importantly, the image remains untouched. After some research thanks Culator, for inadvertently doing some of that for meI drafted up an e-mail, which I sent:. This image, painted by contemporary portrait artist Evan Wilson, is a beautifully-done and tasteful nude. Ahsoka bit her lip, as she struggled to try to keep some small measure of her dignity and not make any sounds even as she and her friends were being beaten. Your review has been posted. Hi Britt - Sannse is posting now on the Wookiee forum, but I wanted to let you know personally that we've elected to keep Aayla's image in part due to your argument.

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After some time, the strap did not fall.

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Inside the cantina the lights are dim and there are aliens from every corner of the galaxy drinking, smoking and playing sabaac. Wookieepedia hasn't been impacted by this so far of course, almost all of your images are non-explicit and your admins do a great job of removing any vandalism. I want her to end this! Is it that, you may draw more unnecessary attention to something that should not have passed as being acceptable in the first place? We've got a lot of work to do, and aren't doing it in order of explicitness - we can't know what's out there until we get to it. I agree there are worse images on Wikia.

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aayla secura sleeping nude
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aayla secura sleeping nude
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