Bleeding after losing your virginity

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Sex can't make periods or withdrawal bleeds happen, no. If we lost our virginity, how many days are we going to bleed? Please know that while any one person saying this to you isn't likely to magic what she said and it's crappy impact away, you are somewhere where your right to experience pleasure and choose a sexual life you want is totally respected and honored. So, moving forward, be sure and take more time with other kinds of sex you know you like and get excited by. Virginityincluding its loss, and Menstruation are in no way related. Where are you at in your pill packet?

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I think about 10 minutes and it was over.

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Does a woman always bleed when she has sex for the first time?

The only time I have heard of a woman bleeding a long time after her first time of intercourse was a fictional character in the Sylvia Plath novel The Bell Jar. Tearing of the hymen takes about the same amount of time to heal as the tearing of any other soft tissue. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. If and when there is bleeding with intercourse due to reasons like that -- all of which can cause abrasions, and because blood vessels are so close to the surface with genitals, even a small abrasion can bleed more than one'd expect -- it usually is very temporary, and tends to be more light spotting than anything else. Menstruation is a physiological process which serve the correct functioning of the female reproductive system. I read somewhere that sex can trigger your period, so I'm not sure if something like that happened?

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bleeding after losing your virginity
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bleeding after losing your virginity
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3 thoughts on “Bleeding after losing your virginity

  1. Reminds of the episode of Seinfeld when George starts to freak out after getting a negative test result and then he's like, "oh, negative's good?"

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