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Make-up is fun to watch. The empty faced 19 year olds who dress like they just stepped out of a Final Fantasy game on their way to do Kareoke with their friends. If I can move away I do. Don't expect not which way of manners. It's because otherwise they have a good chance of not being able to sit down. She had on a sporty ,short, Ava Gardner wig,but her thin, purplish white hair, was peeking out from underneath. When it comes to priority seats, I feel that the class of person who sits in them despite being perfectly healthy, fit, and able, is just the sort of person who would refuse to give up their seat to someone in need, and also the sort of person who would use their mobile phone despite clear signs telling them not to.

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Bags go on the racks or the floor not the seats.

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It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it's kind of irritating. I just don't get any stares in Japan. I agree with Icewind Sorry but, I can't for the life of me comprehend why anyone would be bothered by someone applying make-up in public especially if they are only applying it to their faces. The announcement should simply say in a calm feminine voice, or alternatively James Earl Jones' voice "Kita-Senju". If something really bothers me loud talk, making up the eyes, stupid buzzing from cheap earphones, stinking old guys I will not stand for that, no matter what country, and have called out several people for doing it.

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