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As I became more confident in who I was, men picked up on my new empowered self and they were then eager to journey to my southern region What is 15 minutes of your time worth? I have what I have, my body is mine and I am going to keep it as it is. A non-sexual union of mind, like a blast beat of modern philosophy. Vagina enters stage left -- or is it right? Diana Wrenna Shows You Hers and mine, and yours, and hers, and hers, and

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Kate's breasts, Pussy Riot, virginity tests and our attitude on women's bodies

Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: They tried, from prison, to explain "what pussy meant" and "what riot meant. Capital Food Fight Recap November 13, Staging a strip performance is not disruptive to social order in Moscow, but three punk poets using their sexuality to make a satirical comment about Russian leader Vladimir Putin is destabilizing and must be punished. What is shocking and obscene is when a serious person -- a legislator -- dares to take back ownership of her own self, with the scandalous words "my vagina.

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