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Each week we would get gifts delivered to our dorm from a different sophomore—pizza, cookies, flowers, whatever, but the goal was for the pledge to be surprised by the gifts and the active who left them to be a surprise at the end of the week. Few of them took me over their lap and carried normal conversation and even pampered me as I was in teary eyes. I feel sorry for the collegiate who just has long lost roommates or who wanted a friend to join her on an adventure. One of them was wearing saree, traditional indian dress. I saw her moving her fingers around the fresher's vaginal area who was on her lap. You don't do that to someone you care about.

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Allow your upperclass sisters to tutor you, and get to know the other sisters ASAP.

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Remember, out of the hundreds of women they could have chosen or the other groups you could have joined, you both made a mutual, marvelous selection to be friends above all else. There were 5 of us new girls and eight of the seniors including bitch Lisa. We did not get hazed, at all! As a pledge, I learned the value of service and fundraising, organizing and leadership skills, and how to compromise by seeing the value in another point of view. This happened with the same sorority getting kicked off campus at University of Connecticut, Ohio State, Rollins, and Washington State.

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sorority girls embarrassed nude
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