Bill oreilly and lesbian gangs

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And here's their sultry, steamy boss. All extraordinary news stories require fact-checking, as news stories often "go over the wire" and are picked up by other news agencies, perpetuating a falsehood. I can't listen to either. Most lesbians I meet are very guarded and defensive with me And by the way, I didn't say more than half of whites were "racists," as O'Reilly claimed; I said, as you can see above, that they had "anti-black attitudes.

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Bill needs a big pink pistol shoved up his ass.

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Lesbian gang epidemic

As it says on their website"We teach queers to shoot. I answered in what seemed to me a calm way, relying on actual data rather than offering a mere opinion. They backed down after he explained he was just asking a simple question, nothing more. Prevents fruit from being raped, and Crusty from mean ladies:: Between O'Reilly and Hannity, the Repubs certainly have at least a couple of partisan talking-point spewers of their own. We're in the twitter era, broheim, what's past ain't prologue, it's utterly forgotten.

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bill oreilly and lesbian gangs
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bill oreilly and lesbian gangs
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