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Various boyfriends have indulged in them. So somewhat hidden and well-wrapped is how I kept them. The year was Go to mobile site. I've become more in tune with myself, and less concerned with what our male-dominated society thinks. I would never not wear a bra.

And, shedding those confines was a milestone for me; one that has given me a much stronger base from which to go through life.

What It's Like to Wear a Size 28 G Bra

It was all very awkward and my friends and I did what teen girls do. People knew what was under there, despite the baggy layers. The short one with the curly hair and big boobs. I dismiss the notion that I might be taken less seriously because of a pair of breasts. This guy had been staring so hard at my boobs that he'd rammed right into me. I call them my kids sometimes. I mean, they are my children.

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