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He really is, despite being a mainstream media darling. His insane behavior gets him and Trash almost killed several times, but the real freak-out is when Trash wakes up one night to find a horny Kid in bed with him rubbing his wang on Trash's thigh demanding Trash jerk him off. Todd uses this to rape the girl, slowly increasing the voltage until she is screaming uncontrollably before waking up covered in semen. The dude feels bad for killing sometimes innocent people, so he goes to gamble the money away, and can't. It's called a cuckolding dom.

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Keep in mind, this only works with the father of the child, so lapping up jungle juice off of a fart-smelling hotel sheet won't really do any good preventing miscarriage, and under no circumstances does swallowing a load give a baby talents or skills.

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He is occasionally capable of a tender scene, such when Johnny Smith and Sarah finally spend one night together in the Dead Zoneor Tommy and Sue in the backseat of his car during Carrie. I get what they were going for with his arc, but why? He's even given us examples of fine smut such as Nadine seducing Harold in the Standor Rachel soothing Lou in the bathtub with a handjob after a bloody day losing a patient in Pet Semetary. It was a Hotwife fetish where the wife fucks a stranger in front of her husband. Wife leaves into the back area where he keeps his uniforms, badge, etc.

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  1. Wow! Two of my favorite jav stars, Asahi and Rena in same video! This is heaven!