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Artists, punks, whores, pirates, sailors, girls: Their vulnerability is their agency. When seers become artists, they become pirates. A man named Duck and woman named Sarah meet in the jungle. Pirate sexuality is outside of gender, outside the commodity form: Acker, Pussy, King of the Pirates

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To celebrate queerness is often a way to avoid talking about labor or the sale of the sensual, fascinating, or erotic body.

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Any statement beginning "I know that …" characterizes a certain game. They only go for pleasure. On television in Teen Species. To want to be fucked need not be to want all that comes with it. Then the cunt will travel, a sailor, to foreign lands. They are our feelings, lusts, needs; but owned and controlled now through their brands, copyrights, patents. What can it offer to the task of unthinking the world, of releasing it from the grips of the abstract forms of modern representation and the violent juridic and economic architectures they support?

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