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I do wear thongs sometimes, it's about half tongs or cheeky. P Some girls only have panties, some only thongs but those who switch do it either hide pantylines which depends more on the fabric and fit of the clothes than if it's a dress or pants or because they're dressing up or down, hehe for a special someone: Or if I was dressing up specifically for someone I'm seeing, with the intention of clothes coming off, haha. Am I crazy or am I right? But in general people wering thongs usually do it to hide panty lines. I would usually only wear a thong with them if I need to so I don't have any lines, or if I have tights on over them [sheer or opaque, doesn't matter, just feels more secure]. It is not the end of the world!

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I knew I wore them for a reason

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Select as Most Helpful Opinion? If I wear a thong under a skirt it is with a pair of black spandex shorts over the thong to hide it lol. I don't mind thongs, some of my favorite undies are thongs, but I wear several different styles of underwear. I do wear thongs sometimes, it's about half tongs or cheeky. Never cared for thongs.

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women with short skirts and thongs
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women with short skirts and thongs
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