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I wonder how many of these pieces of shit are on terrorist watch lists. Even under the broadest definition, India is not in the MIddle East. Not beauty or muscle. One of those relatively rare but fortunate cases where a bodybuilder has both huge muscles and huge genitalia that hasn't been affected by the use od steroids. Mahmoud Hussein - Palestine. Insecurity about one's "manhood" does not always equate to "closeted".

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They deem bodybuilding immoral for exposing the male body this way.

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Some of these bodybuilder pics are kinda extreme. The name Adel is very middle eastern and he looks like the guys we see on the news when they show various bombings and protests, just more jacked. Moroccans are hot, like Egyptians. There are a lot of Middle Eastern muscle on badoo. Atiea Shalan from Egypt. For gay men, it's provides an escape from daily oppression and constant fear of discovery. It's free so why not?

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